ABOUT US: History

            “Urba+ Arquitectos” (Urbamas Arquitectos, S.L.U.), led by Spanish architects José Manuel Sánchez-Serrano and Mireia Aragonés Riu, is an architecture firm specialised in developing architectural, urban planning and interior design projects.

             In 1998 they co-founded the architecture studio “A+S Arquitectos”, performing for nearly a decade housing blocks, rehabilitation, interior design and landscaping projects, as well as corporate design.

            In 2006 the architecture studio evolved into a multidisciplinary team incorporating urban planning and project management, as well as technical reports and projects for administrative licensing. The studio became a firm and was then named “Urba+ Arquitectos”.

             “Urba+ Arquitectos” currently has a network of international collaborators and consultants, capable of responding to every need on urban planning, building, design and project management worldwide.